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House of Cards has been quite a bumpy ride for me—but an enjoyable one nonetheless. I have fallen in love with the ‘villain’ (a tendency that I have, if I were to be honest) and I have grown to be heavily annoyed by the ‘innocent’. As far as the ‘victims’ go, I’m not sure where I stand. Love/Hate relationship perhaps? Mmm… I guess I’ll go with that. Either way, as I’ve said before, Frank Underwood is my favorite and I could care less if anyone disagreed. Throughout this entire series, I found myself reacting in odd and aggressive ways, whether it was shouting at my laptop or going absolutely bananas whenever there was a Zank or Flaire scene (Zoe/Frank and Claire/Frank, for the unhip readers). This show has taken a lot from me (emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologic- ah, you get the point). Overall, I love, love, LOVE this show and as I’ve said in my previous blog, I am definitely looking forward to the 2nd season.

Now… to binge, or not to binge? fangirlinggoneheinous says… *drum roll*


Now, I did not have option two (which was to watch all of the episodes in one shot, before the given deadline) and I must say that I hate everyone who did. Option one, which was to watch one episode a week, to me, was supposed to be the better option, but it honestly failed. Why? Here are my reasons:

1) I made every deadline, but wanted MORE. I could not fathom the wait and gave in during my second week.

2) I felt disconnected from the show at times and lost interest in some episodes (because of the wait).


4) Waiting for each episode was agonizing and I couldn’t bear it.

5) Not binging just sucks.

Now, there are plenty of shows that I make appointments with weekly (such as Once Upon A Time aka the best show EVER), and I have suffered a great deal of depression while waiting impatiently each week. Shows like Once Upon A Time and Glee are a pain to watch because of the many writers strikes and two-week breaks they go on and I honestly despise it. With Netflix and all of it’s shows and movies, you can watch at anytime and without waiting 3,654,789 years.


Netflix is definitely where it’s at and I have no arguments against it. How can you possibly criticize great service, a variety of movies and T.V Shows, PLUS an incredibly cheap price (just $8 a month, TAKE THAT BLOCKBUSTER THAT’S WHY YOU DON’T EXIST). If anyone is reading this and dislikes Netflix, I hope you drown in your endless seasons of Law & Order DVD’s.

Anywho… after reading both articles, I obviously agree with both of them and I feel like they both establish the correct interpretation of binge-watching. Both authors captured the significance of binging and the overall success of House of Cards. 

Before ending this post, I would like to list my villains, innocents, victims, neutrals, why I think these characters fall into these categories, and give the writer of HOC some praise. Ready? Here it goes:


Frank Underwood – He’s a bad mother-shut-yo-mouth, but with good intentions. What more can I say? Oh, right. I LOVE YOU FRANK!

Claire Underwood – Sneaky, killer looks, and is ambitious for reasons only including her and her husband.


Gillian Cole – She means well, is charitable, and is pregnant. How much more innocent can you get?

Lucas Goodwin – Is a great guy, dedicated to his job, and does everything and anything for Zoe.


Peter Russo – Fell prey to drugs and alcohol. Tried to be the best father he could be and loved his children dearly, but unfortunately died before getting a chance to truly redeem himself.

Rachel – Was targeted by that restaurant owner for her good looks and history of prostitution.

Christina Gallager – Was definitely a victim. Fell in love with someone who was incapable of stability then that someone died because of that incapability… my heart goes out to her.

The dog in the beginning of season 1, episode 1 – All I have to say is that poor sparky never had a chance.


Zoe Barnes – She’s not really a villain, does not fit the criteria for a victim, but isn’t so innocent. So, she’s neutral. I guess.

Janine Skorsky – I was never crazy for the character, but she’s neither a villain, an innocent, or a victim. So HI.

Linda Vasquez – Not much to say, except she was neither of the three listed categories above so… HI.

Doug Stamper – Did some dirty work, but is not exactly a villain. He meant well, but isn’t entirely innocent. OH, and there is no way this dude is a victim of any sort. So… HI DOUG.

Well, that concludes my analysis of each characters given label. Now here is my praise:


Good for you Beau Willimon, you go Beau Willimon.

Okay, okay. I’m out of here! Till next time!

– C-Drizzle ~


Keller is Steller

I have read the Keller VS. Greenwald article and I must say that it was a bit difficult for me to choose a side (at first). It took at least three full readings for me to determine where I stand and this is what I have chosen:

Keller, because as biased as humans tend to be, impartiality is the fairest.

I support equality and keeping an open-mind and I have tried to maintain that mentality when it comes to real-life situations. Being biased, especially as a journalist, can lead to many negative things, such as poor judgement and a one-sided story. Readers, in my opinion, should be able to receive the full story and get a fair result. Some of the quotes that Keller said have stood out to me immensely and are a huge part of my decision to pick his side. Here are some of those quotes:

1) “the need for impartial journalism is greater than it has ever been, because we live now in a world of affinity-based media, where citizens can and do construct echo chambers of their own beliefs” – I agree with this wholeheartedly. Now-a-days, the stories that we see on television news and in the newspapers have caught national attention, not only because of how important or tragic, but because it was relative to the public.

2) “gets you closer to the truth [impartiality], because it imposes a discipline of testing all assumptions, very much including your own” – I agree with this because as humans, being biased has been our structured way of thinking, but by being impartial, we are able to challenge ourselves when it comes to our beliefs and determining what is right and what is wrong.

(my third quote is my most favorite because it shows that Keller is a understanding journalist, as well as one who doesn’t want to force his stories down peoples throats)

3) “I work now in the realm of opinion, but as a news reporter and editor I defined my job not as telling readers what I think, or telling them what they ought to think, but telling them what they needed to know to decide for themselves” –  Bravo, Keller. Bravo.

The article was extremely intriguing and I would like to end this post saying that I respect both arguments and the people behind them.

– C-Drizzle

Once Upon a Time Recap: No Regrets



Once Upon a Time Pan Trades Places With HenryThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Regina’s belief in her wicked ways paid dividends during a pivotal confrontation with Peter Pan. But would Neverland’s It Boy nonetheless end up having the last laugh?

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IN THE STORYBROOKE THAT WAS…. | Following a brief flashback to Fairytale Land, where just prior to the curse Rumple told Regina that trading her father’s heart for power has left her with a hole in her heart that one day she will come to him to fill, we revisit Storybrooke circa 11 years ago. There, Regina shares to Archie this “nothing” feeling she has. He says that being such a driven woman can leave “a hole,” that while she may love the life she has created, she has no one to share it with. Remembering how that visit from…

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Now I know I am not the only sack of flesh that was left with this impression once the last minutes of House of Cards were over:

That’s it?

I mean, come on now. The entire episode, of course, was exhilarating and I enjoyed it immensely, but that last scene… ugh. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO END SUCH A WAY AND KEVIN SPACEY YOU’RE A FANTASTIC RUNNER YOU MALICIOUS ATTRACTIVE HUMAN BEING ASDFGHJKL; (excuse my rant… it had to be done). But seriously… I need season two and I need it now! I am dying to know where all of this goes and if Frank has a nice spot in hell waiting for him, because let’s face it, God  was NOT pleased with what he said during that church scene (which totally had me gaping at my laptop screen). There is so much I want to discuss, so here goes!

Claire and Gillian. Oh my God! I would never expect Gillian to have an inner beast, but boy was I wrong about her. The way she nearly chewed Claire’s head off was both shocking and amusing to watch. Claire managed to surprise me as well, because I was pretty sure she’d murder the woman if it weren’t for the fact that she was pregnant. What upset me was Gillian’s ploy to expose Claire’s business and her willing to lie in order to do so. Now as conniving as the Underwood’s are, they are my favorites on the show and if there is harm being done to them… then there’s a problem. I know I sound bias, but it’s just the way I feel.

Sorry, not sorry.

ZOE. I honestly feel scared for the reporter and I sincerely hope she stays out of Doug’s grasp… and Frank’s, just to be safe. I  like her character a lot and her presence on the show is relevant, so I really hope no harm is done. As for Lucas and Janine—I don’t really care. Sure, their characters are likable, but I think I’ll live if one of them ends up in a boiling pot of water (metaphorically speaking, of course… well, with this show, you never know). I don’t ship Zoe and Lucas, in case anyone was wondering. They bore me and I find water dripping at a painfully slow pace much more entertaining.

Claire wanting to get pregnant. Just the thought of a little Frank running around their apartment is enough to make me squeal—I seriously doubt that happening, though. It saddens me that Claire wants a family, but knows she can’t have one, for the sake of her career. As harsh as that may sound, we all know it’s true. I think she deserves to be a mother, but the likelihood of that happening is minimal. Besides, there is only one season left… maybe end it with her finally getting what she desires? Mmm… we’ll just have to wait and see.

And now I am back to the running scene. The amount of frustration I felt from watching that, then finding out that there were no more scenes left, is depressing. To wrap this up, I can’t wait to see what happens next and I will most likely continue blogging about it!

Well, that’s all folks. Thanks for reading!

– C-Drizzle

Once Upon a Time Creators Tease Adoption Flashback Twists, Warn of Peter Pan’s Resilience


Once Upon a Time Regina Adopts HenryAppropriate for the onset of the Yuletide season, “What child is this?” is one of the questions Regina (played by Lana Parrilla) will ponder this Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), as we flash back to Storybrooke’s very early days and Mayor Mills’ growing desire to be a mom.

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“This [storyline] started last year in ‘Welcome to Storybrooke,’ when Regina met Owen,” Once cocreator Eddy Kitsis notes. “We realized that when she cast the curse [that transported the Enchanted Forest’s denizens to Maine], it created a hole in her heart. The curse was not fulfilling for her. She needed something more, something real.” And in spending time with uninvited Storybrooke guest Curt Flynn’s young son, “She realized that the love she was looking for was in a child.”

But can a wicked witch…

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Chapter 12

In episode 12 of House of Cards, things seem a bit… normal. Now, I am not used to the slow-pace story-line, due to the history of fast-pace story-lines in previous episodes, but I did enjoy watching it. There were a few things that I picked up on that can evidently lead to a shocking season finale, so let’s discuss this, shall we?

Frank’s in trouble. Our favorite congressmen has been anything but fair and has a record of not-playing-so-nice when it comes to his career. His involvement with Peter running for governor, as well as his unexpected death, are both at stake of being revealed, thanks to Zoe and her little reporter friend (honestly, I never picked up on the girls name; never cared anyway). I feel like this can lead to no good and I sincerely hope Frank knows what he’s dealing with. As far as his want for being vice-president, I feel like this Roy guy is nothing but trouble. Whether or not if Frank can get this title, I honestly don’t have a clue. Would I want him to get it? YES. Although Frank may seem like the bad guy on this show, I know he is anything but, and I am looking forward to seeing him win.

Claire’s ‘patience’ bomb is about to explode. I feel like after each episode, Claire just gets angrier and angrier. How long before she completely erupts and raises hell? Mmmmmmmm, not sure… but the season finale would be perfect timing, no? I’m actually looking forward to seeing her lose it and wreck havoc in the white house (don’t judge me). Claire, to me, is such an intriguing character and I love all of the scenes she is in. Her presence adds so much to each episode and I am always waiting for her to pop-up on my screen.

Zoe is on to something. Our favorite reporter is on a mission… a mission that could possibly exploit her and get her into trouble. I like Zoe as a character and I feel like she is relevant, but I also feel like she needs to be careful. I don’t think she realizes how dangerous the politic world can be and I am sure that it can swallow her up as fast as it can spit her back out. Zoe is a strong female character, an ambitious journalist who only wants hit stories, but I also feel like she is too damn desperate. Desperation almost always leads to poorly planned actions. I just hope she thoroughly thinks before taking the next step.

Well, that is all for now! I am super excited for the finale and I cannot WAIT to blog about it!

Until next post, my dearies. ~

– C-drizzle

The “Killer” Whale

After watching Blackfish, I must express my distaste, as well as my sympathies, for these precious sea animals and the humans that died because of them (sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, no?). This documentary focuses on Orca Whales, their history of “violent” behavior, their relationship with humans, and how both parties have been affected by it. Before I rant til the earth’s end, I want to clarify that I had very little knowledge of Sea World and the deaths that occurred due to these whales. With that being said, let’s begin:

Dawn Brancheau. My heart goes out to her and her family. Her death was tragic and something that people, even former and current co-workers, didn’t expect… why? Because of her relationship with Tilikum, the orca that was responsible for her death (unfortunately). People can claim that Tilikum was a monster and lived up to his species given name, but I’d have to defend him. First of all, this male orca was once free. Sure, he was young when captured, but he was captured against his will. They placed him into a small space of water and expected him to live there for the rest of his life span. How can anyone see this as acceptable? Tilikum had a family, he had a home. That was all taken away from him, only to be trained for sea shows that people paid a lot to see. Since when were orca’s born to breed artificially and be trained? They belong to the wild, not to us.

Second of all, Dawn had a relationship with the whale. What do people do in most relationships? They trust. That’s exactly what Dawn did. She trusted and bonded with an animal. How did this lead to her death? There’s no real answer, but some might say the possibilities are endless. Now I’m not blaming her for her own death, cause that’s just ridiculous and unjust- but I refuse to blame Tilikum as well. What happened could have been the result of psychosis. Tilikum was not only trapped in what was a practically a tub for the rest of his life, but he was also isolated a lot, due to unfair play by the female orca’s. They’d scratch him, cause serious injury to his skin. He was hurt. He was alone. It is obvious that just like any other human, Tilikum had feelings. In the documentary, they show that an orca whale is even more intelligent than a human and possess a part of their brain that humans don’t even have. They have the ability to feel and communicate. So why do this to them? Why place them in a small space and strip them of their rights?

Answer: money.

It is clear that Sea World and any other company that existed before or came after, could care less about these animals. Sure, they were interesting and lovable creatures, fun to train, and kids, as well as adults, enjoyed watching these shows, but the Sea World Managers could probably care less and solely focused on keeping the cash rolling in. This highly upsets me and I’d honestly like to see someone stick them into a tub, teach them how to do tricks, and pay people to witness it.

Sounds heinous? Exactly.

Knowing now that Dawn and many other Sea World trainers were killed because of these animals is a sad, sad thing, but why blame someone who doesn’t really have a voice? Why put the blame on a creature who doesn’t belong to us, but to the ocean? Tilikum and any other orca whale are all born and raised in the wild. Being stripped of everything you once knew and being forced into something completely different, can do a lot to someone.

Even an animal.

To wrap it all up, I must say that the documentary was shocking and extremely intriguing to watch and I’d recommend it to anyone. Seriously, watch it people. It’ll teach you things that you probably never even knew.

Well, that’s all for now. Till next post. ~