My new obsession? That’s right ladies and germs: House of Cards. I can honestly say that after watching the first two episodes, I am madly, truly, and deeply in love. Kevin Spacey and his perfect acting has managed to gear my fangirling to an all time high (can I just say… asdfghjkl; I LOVE THIS SHOW). Everything about him is just alluring and I literally feel myself lingering on his every word whenever his character, Frank Underwood speaks, especially when he addresses the camera. Every time he looks at you, the viewer, and informs you of what’s going on or tells you what he’s feeling, it makes the show much more personal. I feel like I am a part of his mind and a part of his schemes, which are completely justified in my opinion. Besides Spacey and his super-awesome acting abilities, we also have Robin Wright who is utterly, and probably disgustingly flawless (it literally hurts to look at the woman) who portrays his malicious wife Claire Underwood so beautifully. Their relationship is something I like delving into while watching the show so whenever a scene involving just those two comes up, I tend to watch very closely. I also love Kate Mara, who plays the desperate reporter Zoe Barnes, seeking a big break for her career. She is one of my favorites and has some of the best one-liners (“If I wanted to f*ck you, you’d know” = PRICELESS). What makes this show so interesting is the desperation that drives some of these characters to do whatever it takes to survive. Their careers literally mean everything to them and they will do whatever it takes to keep them standing strong.

And that is where Frank comes in. Frank, who is a democratic congressman, goes off the hinges after his promised position as Secretary of State backfires on him. When he finds out that his position is being given to another, meaning he’s been ultimately betrayed, Frank, along with his already eager wife Claire, plan to exact revenge on those who took part in this betrayal. This is ultimately the turning point and a damn good one. Between the cleverness and deceit, I find myself falling in love with Spacey’s character even more. The way he convinces the viewer that what he’s doing is acceptable is just mind-blowing to me. I feel like he can do no wrong (yes, it’s that serious. This is serious). After Zoe and Frank make a deal to help each other gain their fame, my fangirling goes haywire. My excitement for these two working together should be illegal, but oh my God I am SO excited! I can practically smell the damage that Frank is bound to do (As if his plan to frame Michael isn’t damage enough).

I really, really enjoy watching this show and sincerely hope that Frank and Zoe get what they want. As bad as that may sound, I feel like these two deserve what they work so hard for. Both episodes have captivated me immensely and I’m already dying to know what’s going to happen next. All I have to say is:

If blood is to be shed, then let the shedding begin, no? (mwuahahaha!)

Well, that concludes my heinous fangirling session. Ta-da, darlings!

– C-Drizzle.


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