Observing ‘House of Cards’ (with just a dash of fangirling)

So I am four episodes in and I must say… I am loving this sleazy little show way too much. I mean, wow.

I am hooked.

But first and foremost, I would like to share the observations I have made on each character, especially when it comes to their relationships. This is what I came up with:

Zoe and Frank: So far, this is my favorite relationship on the show. The witty banter, the sexual innuendo, the silent looks that say so much, and the eagerness that both characters contain in the pit of their hearts, are all very fun to watch. These two manage to take the classic title ‘partners in crime’ and turn it into something totally different, yet into something that will keep you intrigued. What makes their relationship so unique and entertaining is the fact that it’s not an actual relationship at all (At first, cause the ending of episode four… WOW!). Frank is in a committed marriage with his career and Zoe is practically married (but then divorced again) to every new story she can sell. Oh, and Frank is also married to Claire, another relationship I happen to squeal about every time it graces my T.V screen with its flawlessness, but I’ll get to that in a second. The ambition that Zoe and Frank share is something that I admire. I just love how passionate the both of them are and how they can go about the rest of their lives without even acknowledging each other’s existence, yet put up with each other because they are on a mission. A mission that is both crucial and sensitive to their careers, something very vital to them and to the show. In episode three, there is a scene where the two are texting each other and (nwefklerjkqv MY FEELS), the exchange between the two was my favorite part out of the whole episode. Zoe’s anxiety for another piece in the paper and Frank’s playful teasing was enough to make my heart skip a happy beat. I enjoy the scenes between these two, even if it’s for a few minutes and they happen to be meeting in a discreet location (or Zoe’s apartment, which still has my fangirling scale on an all time HIGH).

Christina and Peter: To be quite honest, the level of relevancy these two add to the show most certainly beats me. Not to sound harsh, but I honestly don’t enjoy or look forward to the scenes between this particular couple. Peter’s role as an individual on the show is of much more relevance in my opinion. It may be my unhealthy obsession with Frank and every relationship he has on the show, but whenever there’s a ‘Pristina’ scene, I find myself spacing out, which makes it difficult for me to tune back into the show once their scene is over (their ‘break-up’ in episode four was a bit sad, though).

Frank and Claire: God, I ship these two so hard, I should be getting treatment for it. As odd as this relationship is, due to the minimal display of affection and ‘fun’ conversations, I honestly love it. They are not the average couple and that’s what I enjoy the most. The two barely kiss, merely brush shoulders, and have only whispered into each other’s ears, yet every time they come onto the screen, the world around me comes to a sudden halt. These two are so focused on their goals, together as a couple and as individuals, all while coming home after a long day of work, Claire walking in on Frank as he uses “The machine” they bickered about in episode three. The only thing that I’m partially upset about (more like furious, but let me not) is Clarie’s infidelity with the Adam guy.

Like, no. Just no. But I see Frank and Zoe hooking up (?) as semi-payback, so for now, I am satisfied.

But any who, I am loving these episodes and will be watching and blogging about five and six soon!

Till next week, earthlings.

– C-Drizzle.


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