… And My Ship Has Sailed

Is it wrong that I ship Zoe and Frank and actually like the idea of them sneaking around?

Duh. But I guess the real question is, do I care if anyone cares? NOPE. #TeamZankAllDay

Ha! Anywho, episodes 5 and 6 were pretty intense. Here’s my analogy of each one:

Chapter 5: It started with a kiss (a hot one, may I add) and ended with the questioning of Peter’s future. I honestly feel like Zoe and Frank are an interesting pair, but this does affect my original ship, which is Frank and Claire (even though Claire has her eyes on another person as well). I don’t know why, but whenever Claire interacts with Adam, like at the party she organized, I get this cringe-worthy feeling and immediately feel the bile rising in my throat (no joke)… but Zoe and Frank. I immediately do this pig-like squeal and it’s managed to scare my own mother. I’m conflicted, but also love where these relationships are going. But enough about my odd ships! Let’s talk about the fact that I actually feel bad for Peter. I mean, the dude is starting to grow on me. When he went to Frank’s home and threatened to “beat the shit” out of him, it gave me serious goosebumps. The pain he felt was very evident and real. What saddened me the most was the scene before he arrived at Frank’s home, when he was snorting cocaine while having trouble answering an e-mail. Poor Peter. I really hope he pulls it together, for the sake of himself and his children. Another scene that struck me was when Frank basically told Peter to kill himself. My first reaction was “oh my God, is he crazy?! What if Peter does it asdfghjkl;” but then I stopped myself and realized…

You brilliant, conniving, clever bastard.

Frank knew he wouldn’t actually do it, which is why he dared to provoke him, Bravo, Frank Underwood. Bravo.

Overall, I loved the episode.

Chapter 6: So my favorite scene was when Frank made an arse out of himself on national televsion (CNN though? Really Frank? Really?). I actually re-winded it a couple of times and almost died of laughter. Another brilliant scene was when they showed a YouTube remake of it and turned it into a song. My thoughts on Frank messing up the way he did? Besides it reminding me that he’s an actual human and can make an actual fool out of himself, I thought it opened his eyes a bit more. He’s the kind of guy that thinks everything he does is pure perfection. He has the mentality of winning and settling for nothing more. The way he messed up proves that he needs to be more alert and careful, especially with the sticky mess he’s getting himself into. Kevin Spacey man… your acting is out of this world.

The entire episode was good, but that was my most favorite part.

What made my heart clench was the scenes with Claire and the dying patient… until she made it awkward by touching him inappropriately. I understood she was making a point, but yikes. A warning would have been appreciated.

Well, farewell, specimens. Till next Monday.

– C-Drizzle


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