Chapters 7 and 8 (#TeamZank forever!)

I will start off by saying wow! to the way things are heating up between Zoe and Frank. They have become my guilty pleasure on the show and I can’t help but think their affair is somewhat hot (judge me, if you will, but I honestly don’t give a damn). Chapter 7 and 8 were both favorites for me and it’s not just because of the secret hook-up between ‘Zank’ (and just so it’s clear, my ship will continue to sail, ladies and gents). I’m actually beginning to learn more about Frank as a person and not just some douche-bag congressmen from the White House. It’s both alarming and exciting all at once. I do have a few questions, so here they go:

Question #1: Was Frank, at some point in his life, bi-curious? I mean, the scene between him and his old friend did raise some red flags. His old friend (whose name I cannot recall at the moment) said that they were “just kids” and “used to fool around”… does this mean Frank has experimented in that area before? Mmm, my mind went into curiosity lane when it came to this particular scene. For me, this adds so much more to Frank’s already complex character.

Question #2: Who is the woman that Doug is trying to help out? And why is he so invested in helping her? By him asking her questions, I can tell he doesn’t know much about her… but there has to be some kind of history between the two. Potential daughter, maybe?

Question #3: Why does Claire lead this Adam dude on, yet doesn’t take action? Frank cheats on her with Zoe, something she may or may not be aware of, but let’s face it: these two are not your average marriage. So why hasn’t she hooked up with the guy? Loyalty to her husband or simply to resist him for whatever other reasons she may have?

Well, that’s all for my questions. As far as commentary, here it goes:

I hate to admit this, but ‘Pristina’ is actually growing on me. I find myself liking this pair a little bit more and their relevance on the show has bumped up a few notches. Especially with Peter’s run for governor, I feel like Christina would play a vital part in keeping him in check. Peter’s past may be a crucial one, but I like his character way more than when I first started watching the show. I’m rooting for the guy, needless to say, and I hope he goes far. But with Frank as his mentor, how could he not?

Frank, Frank, Frank. Just when I think I can’t get enough of this specific character, boom. The man manages to blow me away. The way Frank thinks, speaks, and literally breaths is such a fascinating thing to watch (okay, so I might have overstepped some boundaries with the breathing thing, but just run with it, okay? It fits the sentence and- ah. whatever). His performance in Chapter 8 stood out to me, specifically when he improvised his speech towards the ending, for the opening of his library. I feel like his humble spirit and honest nature came into play in that moment and it was great to watch. I really hope I continue to see different sides of Frank, especially when it comes to being honest.

Well, that’s all. Thanks for reading and farewell. Till next post, mi amigos. ~


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