“I want to know who lied”

So chapter 9 was a bit exhilarating. I found myself gaping at my laptop screen and at the edge of my seat for particular scenes, but mainly the final one. Frank’s face when the vote count failed was PRICELESS. The anger seeping through his pores was as clear as day and I honestly enjoyed watching it.

Throughout this entire episode, I noticed that Frank had a lot of angry moments. Here is my commentary on each one (before we discuss the juicy ending):

Angry moment #1: When Russo’s son bumped into Frank and made him spill his coffee. By his reaction, you could tell our favorite congressman was more than pissed off. Especially when he addressed us, the audience, and said he hated children. That explains why he and his wife probably don’t have any, other than his immense devotion to his career.

Angry moment #2: When Claire tried to convince Frank to talk to a former nemesis. I actually felt bad for the bowl Frank unintentionally destroyed. I mean, wow. The way he shouted at his wife came as no surprise, but what did come as a surprise was how freakishly calm she was about it. It showed me that this woman has absolutely no fear (or does a hell of a job in hiding it) and is just as brave as her husband. All I have to say is: You go, Claire.

Angry moment #3: When Zoe told Frank that she didn’t want to include sex into their professional relationship. Frank’s frustration was evident as he took it out on his video game. He also addresses us, the audience, again and tells us how he was going to teach Zoe a lesson, in terms of being an adult and keeping it professional. (my #TeamZank feels were all over the place, by the way. My ship is unfortunately sinking).

Angry moment #4: THE ENDING. Frank’s face was enough to send me into fangirling gear. The way he said Doug’s name, then viciously recited “I want to know who lied”. Oh my God. It left me in suspense and I immediately went on to the next episode (sorry, not sorry).

As obsessed as I am with Frank (which is sadly obvious), I can’t help but think that he’s a douche, which I mentioned in a previous blog. I mean, he is, without a doubt, unfair, but unfair with good intentions. Although his intentions can be considered self-centered, I know there is good in him. Frank knows his politics and knows how to play (dirty), but it seems as if everything is starting to backfire on him. I’m actually worried about his career and hope to baby Jesus that he doesn’t completely fall apart by the season finale (not saying it’s possible, cause it’s Frank for Christ’s sake, but the way things have been going…).

There have been many characters from many different T.V shows and movies whom have captured my attention and heart, but none of them have done so like Frank Underwood has. My level of fascination and complete awe with this character is quite sickening, yet I can’t get over it. I want to know who writes for Kevin Spacey’s character (BE MY BEST FRIEND, PLEASE. I’LL BUY YOU COOKIES). His lines and clever banter is to die for. Kudos to you, you wonderful script writer. Kudos to you.

That’s all for now, folks. Until next post. ~

– C-Drizzle


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