Chapter 10

Whoa. Things are definitely heating up in House of Cards.

I would like to address Claire’s disappearance and the fact that she finally slept with Adam (even though it’s evident that she’s done it before). To me, it seems like Adam is her ultimate escape, her paradise away from “paradise”. He is the one thing that is true to her and possibly the only thing that is true to her. I say this with complete confidence because let’s face it; Claire married a man she isn’t really in love with, has no children (something I think she secretly longs for) due to her self-consuming career, and deals with a lot of inconveniences day by day. The woman needed a vacation and I think it’s safe to say that it was long over due.

What makes this situation interesting is Frank’s role in it (I mean, everything on that show is interesting because of Frank, if I were to be honest).

Frank’s quest to find his wife’s whereabouts were exciting to watch. Kevin Spacey’s acting was flawless as usual and gave me complete goosebumps, especially before she disappeared, when they were arguing in her office. Claire’s confrontation with Zoe was also exciting to watch. The way she touched her hair and invaded her personal space had me on the edge of my seat. I expected Claire to snap and probably demolish Zoe’s already demolished spirit, but I should have known better.

Claire is more of a silent killer, the one that’ll smile in your face and make you believe you’re safe, but when you least expect it, BOOM. Claire bomb.

As for Peter and Rachel, all I have to say is damn. A potential governor, who already has a terrible past due to sex, drugs, and alcohol, falls into his same sins by drinking with an ex-whore in a hotel room. Oh, and he has a girlfriend, but when did that ever matter, right? I am disappointed, but yet, I knew this was coming. I didn’t expect Rachel to be a part of it, but I did have a feeling Peter would end up going back to where he was.

No bueno.

Well, hope you enjoyed my thoughts. Till next episode.

– C-drizzle.


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