Peter Russo

My heart goes out to Peter Russo and I feel complete sympathy for his death (a death that was caused by Frank Underwood, but we’ll get into that in a moment).

There, I said it. I admit that my judgment on this character when I first started watching this show was wrong—terribly wrong. I actually started to like him, only to find that it was too late. Other than my deepest sympathies for our beloved congressman, I shall now discuss my fangirl feels for Adam and Claire. (dsjfkjhbedhgtgtgj).

I think Adam and Claire’s relationship is one of the most interesting relationships on the show. The fact that Claire chose power over love is quite sad. She had the chance to be happy, to be with someone that loved her and symbolized her freedom. I also feel bad for Adam when he truly realized that he and Claire could never be. When she said “And I chose a man that I could love for more than a week”, I felt an immediate pang in my heart. Adam’s facial expression made it worse and this moment (for some strange reason) really affected me. I literally had to replay the scene over again, just because of its intensity and flawless acting.

Well, enough of that. Moving on to Frank…

Frank, Frank, Frank. I pegged you for a cheat, a conniving malicious being, but a potential murderer? Not at all. Is it wrong to say that I am even more intrigued than before? I mean, wow… the fact that this man literally left another to die, instead of getting him help, is just… wow.

Want to know what this particular scene reminds me of? The opening scene in the very first episode. I feel like the writers intentionally incorporated that scene from the beginning, and now I know why. It was to justify Peter’s death and help the viewers understand why Frank would let such a thing happen. He put the dog of it’s misery, it’s fate to suffer, and he was only doing the same for Peter when he left him to die in that car.

Remarkable. I seriously want to hug the person who wrote both scenes and shower them with cookies and ice cream. They deserve all of the love and rainbows and-

Okay, okay, enough of that. Back to the show.

I am eagerly waiting to see what happens next and will do so once I am done with this blog so… till next post, mates!

– C-Drizzle


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