Chapter 12

In episode 12 of House of Cards, things seem a bit… normal. Now, I am not used to the slow-pace story-line, due to the history of fast-pace story-lines in previous episodes, but I did enjoy watching it. There were a few things that I picked up on that can evidently lead to a shocking season finale, so let’s discuss this, shall we?

Frank’s in trouble. Our favorite congressmen has been anything but fair and has a record of not-playing-so-nice when it comes to his career. His involvement with Peter running for governor, as well as his unexpected death, are both at stake of being revealed, thanks to Zoe and her little reporter friend (honestly, I never picked up on the girls name; never cared anyway). I feel like this can lead to no good and I sincerely hope Frank knows what he’s dealing with. As far as his want for being vice-president, I feel like this Roy guy is nothing but trouble. Whether or not if Frank can get this title, I honestly don’t have a clue. Would I want him to get it? YES. Although Frank may seem like the bad guy on this show, I know he is anything but, and I am looking forward to seeing him win.

Claire’s ‘patience’ bomb is about to explode. I feel like after each episode, Claire just gets angrier and angrier. How long before she completely erupts and raises hell? Mmmmmmmm, not sure… but the season finale would be perfect timing, no? I’m actually looking forward to seeing her lose it and wreck havoc in the white house (don’t judge me). Claire, to me, is such an intriguing character and I love all of the scenes she is in. Her presence adds so much to each episode and I am always waiting for her to pop-up on my screen.

Zoe is on to something. Our favorite reporter is on a mission… a mission that could possibly exploit her and get her into trouble. I like Zoe as a character and I feel like she is relevant, but I also feel like she needs to be careful. I don’t think she realizes how dangerous the politic world can be and I am sure that it can swallow her up as fast as it can spit her back out. Zoe is a strong female character, an ambitious journalist who only wants hit stories, but I also feel like she is too damn desperate. Desperation almost always leads to poorly planned actions. I just hope she thoroughly thinks before taking the next step.

Well, that is all for now! I am super excited for the finale and I cannot WAIT to blog about it!

Until next post, my dearies. ~

– C-drizzle


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