Now I know I am not the only sack of flesh that was left with this impression once the last minutes of House of Cards were over:

That’s it?

I mean, come on now. The entire episode, of course, was exhilarating and I enjoyed it immensely, but that last scene… ugh. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO END SUCH A WAY AND KEVIN SPACEY YOU’RE A FANTASTIC RUNNER YOU MALICIOUS ATTRACTIVE HUMAN BEING ASDFGHJKL; (excuse my rant… it had to be done). But seriously… I need season two and I need it now! I am dying to know where all of this goes and if Frank has a nice spot in hell waiting for him, because let’s face it, God  was NOT pleased with what he said during that church scene (which totally had me gaping at my laptop screen). There is so much I want to discuss, so here goes!

Claire and Gillian. Oh my God! I would never expect Gillian to have an inner beast, but boy was I wrong about her. The way she nearly chewed Claire’s head off was both shocking and amusing to watch. Claire managed to surprise me as well, because I was pretty sure she’d murder the woman if it weren’t for the fact that she was pregnant. What upset me was Gillian’s ploy to expose Claire’s business and her willing to lie in order to do so. Now as conniving as the Underwood’s are, they are my favorites on the show and if there is harm being done to them… then there’s a problem. I know I sound bias, but it’s just the way I feel.

Sorry, not sorry.

ZOE. I honestly feel scared for the reporter and I sincerely hope she stays out of Doug’s grasp… and Frank’s, just to be safe. I  like her character a lot and her presence on the show is relevant, so I really hope no harm is done. As for Lucas and Janine—I don’t really care. Sure, their characters are likable, but I think I’ll live if one of them ends up in a boiling pot of water (metaphorically speaking, of course… well, with this show, you never know). I don’t ship Zoe and Lucas, in case anyone was wondering. They bore me and I find water dripping at a painfully slow pace much more entertaining.

Claire wanting to get pregnant. Just the thought of a little Frank running around their apartment is enough to make me squeal—I seriously doubt that happening, though. It saddens me that Claire wants a family, but knows she can’t have one, for the sake of her career. As harsh as that may sound, we all know it’s true. I think she deserves to be a mother, but the likelihood of that happening is minimal. Besides, there is only one season left… maybe end it with her finally getting what she desires? Mmm… we’ll just have to wait and see.

And now I am back to the running scene. The amount of frustration I felt from watching that, then finding out that there were no more scenes left, is depressing. To wrap this up, I can’t wait to see what happens next and I will most likely continue blogging about it!

Well, that’s all folks. Thanks for reading!

– C-Drizzle


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