Keller is Steller

I have read the Keller VS. Greenwald article and I must say that it was a bit difficult for me to choose a side (at first). It took at least three full readings for me to determine where I stand and this is what I have chosen:

Keller, because as biased as humans tend to be, impartiality is the fairest.

I support equality and keeping an open-mind and I have tried to maintain that mentality when it comes to real-life situations. Being biased, especially as a journalist, can lead to many negative things, such as poor judgement and a one-sided story. Readers, in my opinion, should be able to receive the full story and get a fair result. Some of the quotes that Keller said have stood out to me immensely and are a huge part of my decision to pick his side. Here are some of those quotes:

1) “the need for impartial journalism is greater than it has ever been, because we live now in a world of affinity-based media, where citizens can and do construct echo chambers of their own beliefs” – I agree with this wholeheartedly. Now-a-days, the stories that we see on television news and in the newspapers have caught national attention, not only because of how important or tragic, but because it was relative to the public.

2) “gets you closer to the truth [impartiality], because it imposes a discipline of testing all assumptions, very much including your own” – I agree with this because as humans, being biased has been our structured way of thinking, but by being impartial, we are able to challenge ourselves when it comes to our beliefs and determining what is right and what is wrong.

(my third quote is my most favorite because it shows that Keller is a understanding journalist, as well as one who doesn’t want to force his stories down peoples throats)

3) “I work now in the realm of opinion, but as a news reporter and editor I defined my job not as telling readers what I think, or telling them what they ought to think, but telling them what they needed to know to decide for themselves” –  Bravo, Keller. Bravo.

The article was extremely intriguing and I would like to end this post saying that I respect both arguments and the people behind them.

– C-Drizzle


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