Peter Russo

My heart goes out to Peter Russo and I feel complete sympathy for his death (a death that was caused by Frank Underwood, but we’ll get into that in a moment).

There, I said it. I admit that my judgment on this character when I first started watching this show was wrong—terribly wrong. I actually started to like him, only to find that it was too late. Other than my deepest sympathies for our beloved congressman, I shall now discuss my fangirl feels for Adam and Claire. (dsjfkjhbedhgtgtgj).

I think Adam and Claire’s relationship is one of the most interesting relationships on the show. The fact that Claire chose power over love is quite sad. She had the chance to be happy, to be with someone that loved her and symbolized her freedom. I also feel bad for Adam when he truly realized that he and Claire could never be. When she said “And I chose a man that I could love for more than a week”, I felt an immediate pang in my heart. Adam’s facial expression made it worse and this moment (for some strange reason) really affected me. I literally had to replay the scene over again, just because of its intensity and flawless acting.

Well, enough of that. Moving on to Frank…

Frank, Frank, Frank. I pegged you for a cheat, a conniving malicious being, but a potential murderer? Not at all. Is it wrong to say that I am even more intrigued than before? I mean, wow… the fact that this man literally left another to die, instead of getting him help, is just… wow.

Want to know what this particular scene reminds me of? The opening scene in the very first episode. I feel like the writers intentionally incorporated that scene from the beginning, and now I know why. It was to justify Peter’s death and help the viewers understand why Frank would let such a thing happen. He put the dog of it’s misery, it’s fate to suffer, and he was only doing the same for Peter when he left him to die in that car.

Remarkable. I seriously want to hug the person who wrote both scenes and shower them with cookies and ice cream. They deserve all of the love and rainbows and-

Okay, okay, enough of that. Back to the show.

I am eagerly waiting to see what happens next and will do so once I am done with this blog so… till next post, mates!

– C-Drizzle


Chapter 10

Whoa. Things are definitely heating up in House of Cards.

I would like to address Claire’s disappearance and the fact that she finally slept with Adam (even though it’s evident that she’s done it before). To me, it seems like Adam is her ultimate escape, her paradise away from “paradise”. He is the one thing that is true to her and possibly the only thing that is true to her. I say this with complete confidence because let’s face it; Claire married a man she isn’t really in love with, has no children (something I think she secretly longs for) due to her self-consuming career, and deals with a lot of inconveniences day by day. The woman needed a vacation and I think it’s safe to say that it was long over due.

What makes this situation interesting is Frank’s role in it (I mean, everything on that show is interesting because of Frank, if I were to be honest).

Frank’s quest to find his wife’s whereabouts were exciting to watch. Kevin Spacey’s acting was flawless as usual and gave me complete goosebumps, especially before she disappeared, when they were arguing in her office. Claire’s confrontation with Zoe was also exciting to watch. The way she touched her hair and invaded her personal space had me on the edge of my seat. I expected Claire to snap and probably demolish Zoe’s already demolished spirit, but I should have known better.

Claire is more of a silent killer, the one that’ll smile in your face and make you believe you’re safe, but when you least expect it, BOOM. Claire bomb.

As for Peter and Rachel, all I have to say is damn. A potential governor, who already has a terrible past due to sex, drugs, and alcohol, falls into his same sins by drinking with an ex-whore in a hotel room. Oh, and he has a girlfriend, but when did that ever matter, right? I am disappointed, but yet, I knew this was coming. I didn’t expect Rachel to be a part of it, but I did have a feeling Peter would end up going back to where he was.

No bueno.

Well, hope you enjoyed my thoughts. Till next episode.

– C-drizzle.

“I want to know who lied”

So chapter 9 was a bit exhilarating. I found myself gaping at my laptop screen and at the edge of my seat for particular scenes, but mainly the final one. Frank’s face when the vote count failed was PRICELESS. The anger seeping through his pores was as clear as day and I honestly enjoyed watching it.

Throughout this entire episode, I noticed that Frank had a lot of angry moments. Here is my commentary on each one (before we discuss the juicy ending):

Angry moment #1: When Russo’s son bumped into Frank and made him spill his coffee. By his reaction, you could tell our favorite congressman was more than pissed off. Especially when he addressed us, the audience, and said he hated children. That explains why he and his wife probably don’t have any, other than his immense devotion to his career.

Angry moment #2: When Claire tried to convince Frank to talk to a former nemesis. I actually felt bad for the bowl Frank unintentionally destroyed. I mean, wow. The way he shouted at his wife came as no surprise, but what did come as a surprise was how freakishly calm she was about it. It showed me that this woman has absolutely no fear (or does a hell of a job in hiding it) and is just as brave as her husband. All I have to say is: You go, Claire.

Angry moment #3: When Zoe told Frank that she didn’t want to include sex into their professional relationship. Frank’s frustration was evident as he took it out on his video game. He also addresses us, the audience, again and tells us how he was going to teach Zoe a lesson, in terms of being an adult and keeping it professional. (my #TeamZank feels were all over the place, by the way. My ship is unfortunately sinking).

Angry moment #4: THE ENDING. Frank’s face was enough to send me into fangirling gear. The way he said Doug’s name, then viciously recited “I want to know who lied”. Oh my God. It left me in suspense and I immediately went on to the next episode (sorry, not sorry).

As obsessed as I am with Frank (which is sadly obvious), I can’t help but think that he’s a douche, which I mentioned in a previous blog. I mean, he is, without a doubt, unfair, but unfair with good intentions. Although his intentions can be considered self-centered, I know there is good in him. Frank knows his politics and knows how to play (dirty), but it seems as if everything is starting to backfire on him. I’m actually worried about his career and hope to baby Jesus that he doesn’t completely fall apart by the season finale (not saying it’s possible, cause it’s Frank for Christ’s sake, but the way things have been going…).

There have been many characters from many different T.V shows and movies whom have captured my attention and heart, but none of them have done so like Frank Underwood has. My level of fascination and complete awe with this character is quite sickening, yet I can’t get over it. I want to know who writes for Kevin Spacey’s character (BE MY BEST FRIEND, PLEASE. I’LL BUY YOU COOKIES). His lines and clever banter is to die for. Kudos to you, you wonderful script writer. Kudos to you.

That’s all for now, folks. Until next post. ~

– C-Drizzle

Chapters 7 and 8 (#TeamZank forever!)

I will start off by saying wow! to the way things are heating up between Zoe and Frank. They have become my guilty pleasure on the show and I can’t help but think their affair is somewhat hot (judge me, if you will, but I honestly don’t give a damn). Chapter 7 and 8 were both favorites for me and it’s not just because of the secret hook-up between ‘Zank’ (and just so it’s clear, my ship will continue to sail, ladies and gents). I’m actually beginning to learn more about Frank as a person and not just some douche-bag congressmen from the White House. It’s both alarming and exciting all at once. I do have a few questions, so here they go:

Question #1: Was Frank, at some point in his life, bi-curious? I mean, the scene between him and his old friend did raise some red flags. His old friend (whose name I cannot recall at the moment) said that they were “just kids” and “used to fool around”… does this mean Frank has experimented in that area before? Mmm, my mind went into curiosity lane when it came to this particular scene. For me, this adds so much more to Frank’s already complex character.

Question #2: Who is the woman that Doug is trying to help out? And why is he so invested in helping her? By him asking her questions, I can tell he doesn’t know much about her… but there has to be some kind of history between the two. Potential daughter, maybe?

Question #3: Why does Claire lead this Adam dude on, yet doesn’t take action? Frank cheats on her with Zoe, something she may or may not be aware of, but let’s face it: these two are not your average marriage. So why hasn’t she hooked up with the guy? Loyalty to her husband or simply to resist him for whatever other reasons she may have?

Well, that’s all for my questions. As far as commentary, here it goes:

I hate to admit this, but ‘Pristina’ is actually growing on me. I find myself liking this pair a little bit more and their relevance on the show has bumped up a few notches. Especially with Peter’s run for governor, I feel like Christina would play a vital part in keeping him in check. Peter’s past may be a crucial one, but I like his character way more than when I first started watching the show. I’m rooting for the guy, needless to say, and I hope he goes far. But with Frank as his mentor, how could he not?

Frank, Frank, Frank. Just when I think I can’t get enough of this specific character, boom. The man manages to blow me away. The way Frank thinks, speaks, and literally breaths is such a fascinating thing to watch (okay, so I might have overstepped some boundaries with the breathing thing, but just run with it, okay? It fits the sentence and- ah. whatever). His performance in Chapter 8 stood out to me, specifically when he improvised his speech towards the ending, for the opening of his library. I feel like his humble spirit and honest nature came into play in that moment and it was great to watch. I really hope I continue to see different sides of Frank, especially when it comes to being honest.

Well, that’s all. Thanks for reading and farewell. Till next post, mi amigos. ~

… And My Ship Has Sailed

Is it wrong that I ship Zoe and Frank and actually like the idea of them sneaking around?

Duh. But I guess the real question is, do I care if anyone cares? NOPE. #TeamZankAllDay

Ha! Anywho, episodes 5 and 6 were pretty intense. Here’s my analogy of each one:

Chapter 5: It started with a kiss (a hot one, may I add) and ended with the questioning of Peter’s future. I honestly feel like Zoe and Frank are an interesting pair, but this does affect my original ship, which is Frank and Claire (even though Claire has her eyes on another person as well). I don’t know why, but whenever Claire interacts with Adam, like at the party she organized, I get this cringe-worthy feeling and immediately feel the bile rising in my throat (no joke)… but Zoe and Frank. I immediately do this pig-like squeal and it’s managed to scare my own mother. I’m conflicted, but also love where these relationships are going. But enough about my odd ships! Let’s talk about the fact that I actually feel bad for Peter. I mean, the dude is starting to grow on me. When he went to Frank’s home and threatened to “beat the shit” out of him, it gave me serious goosebumps. The pain he felt was very evident and real. What saddened me the most was the scene before he arrived at Frank’s home, when he was snorting cocaine while having trouble answering an e-mail. Poor Peter. I really hope he pulls it together, for the sake of himself and his children. Another scene that struck me was when Frank basically told Peter to kill himself. My first reaction was “oh my God, is he crazy?! What if Peter does it asdfghjkl;” but then I stopped myself and realized…

You brilliant, conniving, clever bastard.

Frank knew he wouldn’t actually do it, which is why he dared to provoke him, Bravo, Frank Underwood. Bravo.

Overall, I loved the episode.

Chapter 6: So my favorite scene was when Frank made an arse out of himself on national televsion (CNN though? Really Frank? Really?). I actually re-winded it a couple of times and almost died of laughter. Another brilliant scene was when they showed a YouTube remake of it and turned it into a song. My thoughts on Frank messing up the way he did? Besides it reminding me that he’s an actual human and can make an actual fool out of himself, I thought it opened his eyes a bit more. He’s the kind of guy that thinks everything he does is pure perfection. He has the mentality of winning and settling for nothing more. The way he messed up proves that he needs to be more alert and careful, especially with the sticky mess he’s getting himself into. Kevin Spacey man… your acting is out of this world.

The entire episode was good, but that was my most favorite part.

What made my heart clench was the scenes with Claire and the dying patient… until she made it awkward by touching him inappropriately. I understood she was making a point, but yikes. A warning would have been appreciated.

Well, farewell, specimens. Till next Monday.

– C-Drizzle

Observing ‘House of Cards’ (with just a dash of fangirling)

So I am four episodes in and I must say… I am loving this sleazy little show way too much. I mean, wow.

I am hooked.

But first and foremost, I would like to share the observations I have made on each character, especially when it comes to their relationships. This is what I came up with:

Zoe and Frank: So far, this is my favorite relationship on the show. The witty banter, the sexual innuendo, the silent looks that say so much, and the eagerness that both characters contain in the pit of their hearts, are all very fun to watch. These two manage to take the classic title ‘partners in crime’ and turn it into something totally different, yet into something that will keep you intrigued. What makes their relationship so unique and entertaining is the fact that it’s not an actual relationship at all (At first, cause the ending of episode four… WOW!). Frank is in a committed marriage with his career and Zoe is practically married (but then divorced again) to every new story she can sell. Oh, and Frank is also married to Claire, another relationship I happen to squeal about every time it graces my T.V screen with its flawlessness, but I’ll get to that in a second. The ambition that Zoe and Frank share is something that I admire. I just love how passionate the both of them are and how they can go about the rest of their lives without even acknowledging each other’s existence, yet put up with each other because they are on a mission. A mission that is both crucial and sensitive to their careers, something very vital to them and to the show. In episode three, there is a scene where the two are texting each other and (nwefklerjkqv MY FEELS), the exchange between the two was my favorite part out of the whole episode. Zoe’s anxiety for another piece in the paper and Frank’s playful teasing was enough to make my heart skip a happy beat. I enjoy the scenes between these two, even if it’s for a few minutes and they happen to be meeting in a discreet location (or Zoe’s apartment, which still has my fangirling scale on an all time HIGH).

Christina and Peter: To be quite honest, the level of relevancy these two add to the show most certainly beats me. Not to sound harsh, but I honestly don’t enjoy or look forward to the scenes between this particular couple. Peter’s role as an individual on the show is of much more relevance in my opinion. It may be my unhealthy obsession with Frank and every relationship he has on the show, but whenever there’s a ‘Pristina’ scene, I find myself spacing out, which makes it difficult for me to tune back into the show once their scene is over (their ‘break-up’ in episode four was a bit sad, though).

Frank and Claire: God, I ship these two so hard, I should be getting treatment for it. As odd as this relationship is, due to the minimal display of affection and ‘fun’ conversations, I honestly love it. They are not the average couple and that’s what I enjoy the most. The two barely kiss, merely brush shoulders, and have only whispered into each other’s ears, yet every time they come onto the screen, the world around me comes to a sudden halt. These two are so focused on their goals, together as a couple and as individuals, all while coming home after a long day of work, Claire walking in on Frank as he uses “The machine” they bickered about in episode three. The only thing that I’m partially upset about (more like furious, but let me not) is Clarie’s infidelity with the Adam guy.

Like, no. Just no. But I see Frank and Zoe hooking up (?) as semi-payback, so for now, I am satisfied.

But any who, I am loving these episodes and will be watching and blogging about five and six soon!

Till next week, earthlings.

– C-Drizzle.


My new obsession? That’s right ladies and germs: House of Cards. I can honestly say that after watching the first two episodes, I am madly, truly, and deeply in love. Kevin Spacey and his perfect acting has managed to gear my fangirling to an all time high (can I just say… asdfghjkl; I LOVE THIS SHOW). Everything about him is just alluring and I literally feel myself lingering on his every word whenever his character, Frank Underwood speaks, especially when he addresses the camera. Every time he looks at you, the viewer, and informs you of what’s going on or tells you what he’s feeling, it makes the show much more personal. I feel like I am a part of his mind and a part of his schemes, which are completely justified in my opinion. Besides Spacey and his super-awesome acting abilities, we also have Robin Wright who is utterly, and probably disgustingly flawless (it literally hurts to look at the woman) who portrays his malicious wife Claire Underwood so beautifully. Their relationship is something I like delving into while watching the show so whenever a scene involving just those two comes up, I tend to watch very closely. I also love Kate Mara, who plays the desperate reporter Zoe Barnes, seeking a big break for her career. She is one of my favorites and has some of the best one-liners (“If I wanted to f*ck you, you’d know” = PRICELESS). What makes this show so interesting is the desperation that drives some of these characters to do whatever it takes to survive. Their careers literally mean everything to them and they will do whatever it takes to keep them standing strong.

And that is where Frank comes in. Frank, who is a democratic congressman, goes off the hinges after his promised position as Secretary of State backfires on him. When he finds out that his position is being given to another, meaning he’s been ultimately betrayed, Frank, along with his already eager wife Claire, plan to exact revenge on those who took part in this betrayal. This is ultimately the turning point and a damn good one. Between the cleverness and deceit, I find myself falling in love with Spacey’s character even more. The way he convinces the viewer that what he’s doing is acceptable is just mind-blowing to me. I feel like he can do no wrong (yes, it’s that serious. This is serious). After Zoe and Frank make a deal to help each other gain their fame, my fangirling goes haywire. My excitement for these two working together should be illegal, but oh my God I am SO excited! I can practically smell the damage that Frank is bound to do (As if his plan to frame Michael isn’t damage enough).

I really, really enjoy watching this show and sincerely hope that Frank and Zoe get what they want. As bad as that may sound, I feel like these two deserve what they work so hard for. Both episodes have captivated me immensely and I’m already dying to know what’s going to happen next. All I have to say is:

If blood is to be shed, then let the shedding begin, no? (mwuahahaha!)

Well, that concludes my heinous fangirling session. Ta-da, darlings!

– C-Drizzle.